Football vs. World is a fun 3D arcade game about smashing cubes. Using just the joystick and jump button, you can cause a beautiful destruction by rolling a ball all around the world. The game allows players to discover and destroy various environments with multiple balls. To beat your friends score you will have to be quick and precise! The more cubes you destroy, the more points you get.

You can get Football vs. World on Google Play right now! It requires no internet connection and is free to play!

Development of the game was started on July 29th, 2018 by David Bitenieks (designer, programmer and artist). Music for the game was provided by Sozey and Taira.

Football vs. World features:

  • Destructible environment!
  • Various beautiful levels!
  • Satisfying ball selection!
  • Google Play leaderboards!
  • Simple and smooth controls!
  • No internet connection required!
  • Great story and character development!


Football vs. World Press Assets (62MB)

Contains icon, banner, screenshots and video.

Overlap Studio Press Assets

Contains logo and banner.