Notail the monkey needs your help! He can't reach bananas and is getting attacked by toucans!

Monkey Climb is a relaxing endless runner. Your duty feeding Notail the monkey. The process of feeding Notail is quite dangerous, he gets hungry very frequently and there is a lot of mean toucans flying around.

Monkey Climb is developed using Unity game engine and was released on January 28th, 2018.

David Bitenieks (FlopCoat) - designer, programmer, artist.

Monkey Climb features:

  • Amazing toucans!
  • Fantastic bananas!
  • Satisfying sound effects!
  • Simple two button gameplay!
  • Responsive climbing mechanics!
  • No internet connection required!


Monkey Climb Press Assets (6MB)

Contains icon, screenshots and video.

Overlap Studio Press Assets

Contains logo and banner.