Freestyle in the worlds best skatepark - your imagination!
In Scooter Flight you create your own track and ride it with your scooter as you wish.

Play now and get 30 fun levels for free!
Scooter Flight offers various fun and challenging levels for you to let your imagination free!

Customize your scooter, character and accessories!
Add crazy colors to your scooter and select your favorite accessories to make it yours!

Scooter Flight is an 2D single player Drawing and Trials hybrid game targeted to mobile platforms. The game offers various levels with one goal - reach the chest. You get limited amount of materials in each level, use them by drawing your track. The less materials you spend - the more points you receive. In some levels there are material collectables - when collected gives you more materials. To set a better high score and beat your friends in our Facebook leaderboards, you will have to do extreme tricks. In few levels there are color collectables - when collected unlocks a color in the customization tab! In the customization tab you can choose characters color, scooters color, accessories and their color.
Scooter Flight is free to play, contains ads and requires no internet connection.

The development of Scooter Flight was started on August 6th, 2017 by Overlap Studio, based in Riga, Latvia. It all started out as a small 1 month project with 3 developers, but then life got in our way... Scooter Flight is developed using Unity game engine.

David Bitenieks (FlopCoat) - designer, programmer, artist.

Scooter Flight features:

  • Hilarious physics!
  • Simple path drawing!
  • Facebook leaderboards!
  • Fun and responsive riding!
  • 30 challenging and fun levels!
  • No internet connection required!
  • Character and scooter customization!
  • Cool and funny character accessories!


Scooter Flight Press Assets (37MB)

Contains icon, banner, screenshots and video.

Overlap Studio Press Assets (200KB)

Contains logo and banner.